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SoundMaker Revolutionises Audio

There are many audio tools on the market that we as professionals use to create sound for gameplay. Many are easy to use and integrate easily with the DAW but now there is a new kid on the block.

Audio platform SoundMaker is finally bridging the gap between linear and interactive media. Bringing a flexible authoring, robust runtime and integration with popular game engines and DAWs, it provides professionals with the tool needed to create and distribute interactive audio experiences that enhance the overall gameplay and storytelling experience.

When creating interactive audio features, professionals need flexibility and integration with game engines such as Unity and Unreal. SoundMaker merges seamlessly into existing workflows and features an advanced audio cache that ensures audio is always available, eliminating the need for sound bank management.

Delivering an easy to use interface and collection of features, SoundMaker makes it easy for anyone to create and distribute audio content no matter what level of experience you have. The software delivers the ability to craft and author interactive experiences utilising a collection of components that serve as building blocks for constructing intricate interactive audio designs. Its distributable cross-platform file format (FPK) makes it easy to share work, or distribute the content to end-users, providing a simple, effective, and cross-platform method for packaging and distributing their interactive audio projects.

Distinguishing itself from other plugins, SoundMaker offers a unique approach to creating audio designs, enabling easy to construct sophisticated audio experiences. Its runtime modulators also provide a method for linking game parameters with audio properties so you can modulate audio according to the game's needs. We now have everything we need to create, manipulate in real time and distribute interactive audio experiences to enhance the player experience. With such an exciting new tool now available, audio creation will no longer be limited by traditional linear constraints.

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