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SoundMaker v1.0.2 introduces Keymap Component and MIDI Listener

This latest version of SoundMaker Beta introduces the Keymap Component and MIDI Listener, representing a significant advancement in simplifying the creation of sample-based virtual instruments that can be used in games and linear audio production.

Keymap Component

The first major addition is the Keymap Component. This new component is designed to streamline the creation of sample-based instruments within SoundMaker. Similar to capabilities found in popular sample players, the Keymap Component allows for the mapping of different samples to various MIDI notes and velocities, enabling more dynamic and expressive instrument creation.

Key Features of the Keymap Component:

  • Layered Instrument Design: Construct instruments with multiple layers, each enabled under specific conditions.

  • Zone Mapping: Assign samples to specific keyboard zones for greater control over performance dynamics.

  • MIDI Sensitivity: Tailor each layer and zone to respond to distinct MIDI notes and velocities, enhancing the expressiveness of your instruments.

This component offers a new level of functionality for game audio, making it easier to create complex, sample-based instruments directly within SoundMaker.

MIDI Listener

Alongside the Keymap Component, we've introduced the MIDI Listener Component. This addition allows SoundMaker components to interact with MIDI events, facilitating more interactive and responsive audio setups.

These new features are part of our ongoing efforts to enhance SoundMaker's capabilities and provide users with tools that support a wide range of audio design needs. The Keymap Component brings a new level of sample instrument creation to the platform, while the MIDI Listener Component broadens the possibilities for interactive audio design.

The update is available to all SoundMaker users. We encourage you to explore these new components and see how they can benefit your audio projects.

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