Tazman-Audio is proud to introduce the Fabric player and "Sound Pack" audio libraries. 



Sound packs: They provide a unique collection of Fabric behaviours and audio assets ready to be used into games. They take away the difficult and time consuming process of creating high quality sound design behaviours  into games. Sound packs are authored using the full version of Fabric which are then packaged with the player version.  



Fabric player: The player version has the same components and functionality as the full version but with most of the user interface disabled. It's main focus is for quick and easy integration of specific game audio assets into games. 


The player current only supports Unity3d but there will be a stand alone version focused on Unreal Engine 4 and VST plugin allowing these sound packs to be used in cinematics, videos etc 



Licensing:  Sound Packs that are powered by Fabric can be sold for a relative small price without having to pay any license fee. A non exclusive license, you still own all rights to your audio assets, without any up front fees to the Fabric player is available. There is small percentage to be paid with every sound pack unit sale. Please refer to the licensing page for more details. 



Marketplaces: Sound Packs can be sold in the Unity Asset Store, personal websites or through the Tazman-Audio asset store without extra fees.


If you would like to release Fabric powered sound packs drop us an email at soundpack@tazman-audio.co.uk