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Interactive Engine Audio with Engine Loop Creator and Soundmaker

Creating satisfying and realistic interactive engine audio can be a difficult and time consuming process. With the latest updates to Engine Loop Creator and Soundmaker, Tazman Audio have simplified the journey from great sounding engine sweeps to interactive engine audio, ready to be integrated into games and linear media in an instant.

Flattening the Source - Engine Loop Creator

Tazman Audio’s Engine Loop Creator allows users to import great sounding engine sweeps, and create looping regions at a steady pitch/RPM.

An initial Analysis stage enables users to customise the pitch that the source material will be flattened around. Then, in the Loop Creation stage, users can create and edit regions within the source that will loop at a constant pitch. The exported loops can then be imported into any DAW or Middleware.

The Engine Loop Creator is optimised for use with vehicle engines. However, any source material can be used, making it a powerful tool for use within realistic projects, as well sci-fi and fantasy projects.

Read more about the Engine Loop Creator here: 

Instant Interactivity - Importing into Soundmaker

Soundmaker is an authoring tool that allows users to create and share interactive sound libraries for use within game engines and DAWs. Exported libraries from the Soundmaker Editor (FPK files) can be imported into Unity and DAWs using Tazman Audio’s Soundmaker Player, with more game engines and middleware being supported in the near future.

Engine Loop Creator pairs with Soundmaker by allowing users to import and instantly create interactive engine audio from exported Engine Loop Creator files. Through the new Import XML feature, Soundmaker will read and import Engine Loop Creator files into a Timeline - automatically creating the structure, real time parameters, pitching and crossfades. The result is interactive engine audio that can be packaged and integrated into interactive or linear projects at the click of a button.

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