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Tazman Revolutionises Audio with SoundMaker

Tazman Audio is announcing its first audio platform, SoundMaker, bridging the gap between linear and interactive media. SoundMaker is an advanced audio platform providing a comprehensive and powerful solution for creating and distributing interactive audio experiences. The platform's unique approach to audio design combined with its flexible authoring, robust runtime and integration with popular game engines and DAWs, sets it apart from other solutions on the market. With SoundMaker, audio professionals finally have the tool they need to create and distribute cutting-edge audio libraries that enhance the overall gameplay and storytelling experience.


The SoundMaker platform provides a wide range of interactive audio features. Integrating with popular game engines like Unity and Unreal as well as DAWs it's easy for sound designers to incorporate SoundMaker into their existing workflows.


With its intuitive user interface and a collection of powerful features, SoundMaker makes it easy for anyone to create and distribute audio content. Whether you're a seasoned audio professional looking to create complex audio designs or an amateur seeking to incorporate audio into your games or linear productions; SoundMaker has everything you need.



In the authoring phase, SoundMaker's Editor application allows professionals to design and compose interactive audio behaviours using the platform's Fabric components. They provide a building block approach to sound design, enabling professionals to easily construct complex audio experiences. The editor also allows professionals to export their audio designs into a distributable cross-platform file format.  With SoundMaker, your audio will no longer be limited by traditional linear constraints.


Using a proprietary distributable cross-platform file format (FPK) SoundMaker packages together all of the necessary elements for interactive audio projects, including Fabric components and audio assets. This makes it easy for professionals to share their work, or distribute their content to end-users. It's an essential part of the SoundMaker platform, providing professionals with a simple, effective, and cross-platform method for packaging and distributing their interactive audio projects.”



In the runtime phase, content exported by the SoundMaker Editor can be used in any SoundMaker Player regardless of the application it's running in. For example, a footsteps FPK library can be used both in movies and games without having to go through an intermediate process.


SoundMaker Players are plugins that can load distributable FPK files created with the SoundMaker Editor; offering a comprehensive event system that enables audio professionals to trigger and control components in a robust and flexible manner. SoundMaker players can be integrated into game engines like Unity and Unreal, as well as DAWs, to play and manipulate audio in real-time. The advance audio cache system removes the worry of having to load sound banks in advance. With SoundMaker this step is removed because the library is already in an interactive format and therefore making it an interchangeable content.


SoundMaker provides a comprehensive solution for audio professionals, offering a flexible and intuitive authoring environment for creating audio content, as well as a powerful runtime environment for playing and manipulating audio in games and linear media.

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