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Fabric v2.0 audio toolset for unity3D.




Fabric provides a plethora of audio features and custom user interfaces that allow developers to design great audio entirely within unity. It’s nested component hierarchy allows users to create complex audio structures and combined with its event based system Fabric reduces the dependency on programmers giving more power to the sound-designers to work independently.


The latest version brings:

  • A powerful timeline multi-track component that allows layering and crossfading a number of sounds together as well as linking the timeline and volume/pitch curves with game parameters.



  • A new dynamic mixer component allows developers to use multiple mix presets and change the audio balance of the game during play.


  • An Advance Modular Synthesis framework that that allows you to effortlessly create new types of audio sources and effects by connecting audio modules together in a visual way.

  • Volume meter and side chain components automate volume adjustments, making it easier to let important audio elements cut through the mix.


Along with numerous interface and workflow enhancements the latest version of Fabric provides the best audio toolset currently available for unity without the need for integrating external plugins, making it ideal for web browser games.


An evaluation copy of Fabric is available upon request. For more information email us at: