Fabric 2.2.8



  • CustomCurves

  • Attribute Property Drawers 


  • Improved EventLog Window

  • Event logging now happens in the editor via event notification

  • Log events and properties are now stored in the PersistentData scriptable object

  • Reimplemented RandomComponent Retrigger to allow changing at runtime

  • Expanded scroll line detection box in envelope graph to make it easier to move (FAB-423)

  • Changed InitialiseParameters to set runtime volume/pitch/pan2d properties

  • Only log event entries if the log hisotry size is set

  • Exposed "sync regions with tempo" feature into the audio component editor

  • Events are now logged even if they are not processed

  • Use wav file reader for waveform draw on streamed and compressed in memory audio clips


  • Fixed component and AudioBus mixer group overriding each other causing performance spikes

  • Fixed virtualization volume threshold issue (FAB-430)

  • Fixed audio glitch on audio component (FAB-427)

  • Fixed MIDI errors with WP8

  • Fixed pause issues with audio component

  • Fixed EventLog layout issues and errors

  • Fixed EventTrigger issue setting global parameter value directly

  • Fixed marker view height

  • Fixed EventLog null ref error

  • Fixed audio bus UI null ref error

  • Stopped reseting rolloffmode to log when changing from global custom curve

  • Fixed a number of RTP UI issues with ranges (FAB-425 & FAB-433)