Fabric 2.2.6



  • Added RTP Custom Parameter making it possible to link game properties with component properties through the RTP window

  • Added event trigger OnEnter mode

  • Added post event limit

  • Added Retrigger support in Random Component

  • Added Sync To Target suppot in Music Time Settings

  • Added color picker in the Event Log window

  • Added event trigger support for particle, and 2D events

  • Added OnPlay and OnAudioComponentPlay notifcation types

  • Added External event action type

  • Added function to initialize audio component with an existing audio source

  • Added new SetGameObject/UnsetGameObject event actions

  • Added different Notify Parent options

  • Added OnMarker notification in the Sequence component

  • Added Retrigger support in Random Component

  • Added marker name entry in override event action UI


  • Refactored Event Monitor to show component instances and their virtual events

  • Improved Event Sequencer UI

  • Moved Virtual Event Pool to component

  • Only sort virtual events if they are within audible distance

  • Improved Event Sequencer UI

  • FindInstances component function is now public

  • Exposed Timeline parameters to RTP window

  • Changes to the RTP window layout

  • Check if audio clip length is less than transition threshold

  • Make sure Retrigger only works when its enabled


  • Fix for RTP parameter disappearing when speed is set (FAB-307)

  • Fixed Override parent game object issue (FAB-288)

  • Fixed PlayScheduled and StopScheduled event action issues (FAB-317)

  • Fixed audio component not calling OnFinished notification type (FAB-260)

  • Fix for Sequence not reseting correctly (FAB-322)

  • Fixed RTP values not working at the correct range on some properties (FAB-326)

  • Fix for dialog audio component not working underneath other components when using dynamic audio clip load

  • Fixed pitch and volume randomization issues (FAB-332)

  • Fixed audio component delay not working correctly (FAB-327)

  • Fix for Volume and Pitch offsets not resseting correctly

  • Fixed built-in listener angle parameter (it's now relative to its forward vector not event component)

  • Fixed issue when calling stop and advance sequence event actions (FAB-334)

  • Fixed issue when setting the global parent gameobject

  • Fixed potential null reference error when getting the current time