Fabric 2.2.5



  • Added Add/Remove AudioMixer and DebugLog support to fabric manager

  • Added LoadAudioMixer/UnloadAudioMixer event actions

  • Rename "Editor/Resources" folder to "Editor/Images"

  • Load editor images from "Editor/Images" folder

  • Added Post Install Checker that removes old files

  • Removed "Consoles" configuration

  • Added "Microphone" configuration

  • Added SetParameter by index function


  • Compare parameter name using has codes instead of doing a string comparison

  • Removed potential allocation when setting parameters with event queue enabled

  • Ensure max instance is 1 if an event listener is present and is set to 0 (FAB-283)

  • Allocate a single System.Random object instead of one per component (memory optimization)

  • Only apply persistence change after the editor has stopped playing

  • Stop selected component when you play random component (stealing behavior used to do that)


  • Call OnfinishPlaying when the audio source time is over the audio clip length due to pitch changes (FAB-264)

  • Fixed side chain issue when tracking component status. It was muting when component was inactive (FAB-241)

  • Fixed AudioMixer errors when compiling for Unity 4.6

  • Fixed memory leak with external group components

  • Fixed memory allocation in SetParameter function

  • Fix for potential audio source pool null reference error

  • Fix for AudioSpline rotation

  • Fixed AudioSplines so they update their position after initialization (FAB-281)

  • Fixed AudioSourcePool getting stored in prefab with playmode persistence (FAB-284)

  • Fixed playmode persistence on prefabs that have lost their connection

  • Fixed issue with pitch changes when audio component plays for the second time (FAB-264)

  • Fixed issue when applying changes to a prefab instance (FAB-270)

  • Fixed component previewer audio listener issue

  • Fixed scheduling issue when changing audio component pitch (FAB-264)

  • Serialize missing XML properties

  • Fix for global parameter Seek and Event Trigger RTP issues (FAB-266)

  • Fix for EventManager inspector not working correctly (FAB-197)

  • Fix for play mode persistence corrupting prefabs (FAB-270)

  • Fixed issue with global parameters not saving (FAB-263)

  • Serialize selected child component in the switch component