Fabric 2.2.4



  • Added new Custom Audio Clip Loader support to DialogAudioComponent

  • Added component icons

  • Added OnApplicationPause behavior

  • Added options when setting DynamicAudioClipLoading with UseAudioClipPath

  • Expose switch to RTP window


  • Removed GlobalParameter/Switch allocations

  • Removed memory allocations


  • Fix DSP component not working on instances

  • Fixed timeline null ref error

  • Fixed AudioListener null ref error on destroy

  • Fixed errors with possible null event names

  • Fixed 5.3 event listener issue causing Fabric hierarchy to disappear

  • Fixed loop region error

  • Fixed audio source invalid seek error

  • Fixed SamplePlayerComponent errors

  • Fixed previewer errors if fabric manager wasn't present in the scene

  • Fixed Side chain gain when using component active flag

  • Fixes to audio spline audio listener errors

  • Fixed IntroLoopOutro not stopping the Loop correctly

  • Fixed Timeline OneShot not working

  • Fixed setting the event ID

  • Fixed issue with volume meter setting global parameter

  • Apply fix for dialog issue with unity 5.2

  • Fixed null ref error in audio component GetTimeSamples()

  • Fixed null reference error in RTP markers